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Nutritional Support for People With Diabetes & Prediabetes

Protect yourself from diabetes complications

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Lysulin® has been shown to lower blood glucose and glycated protein.* Begin healthier glucose management today!

About Lysulin

Lysulin offers nutritional support to lower your blood glucose levels.

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Lysulin contains a proprietary formulation of three essential nutrients.

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Lysulin products and available discounts.

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Lysulin is dedicated to the diabetes community.

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The time is now: Protect your body from diabetes complications

Glucose in your bloodstream attaches to life giving proteins, adversely affecting how these proteins are meant to work. As these undesirable “Glycated Proteins” increase, so do the A1c levels in your body, along with the risk of damage to your heart, blood vessels, kidneys and eyesight.

Fortunately, there’s help. Lysulin acts as a guardian by binding to glucose, shielding your proteins from reacting with glucose. The Lysulin bound to glucose is safely excreted through urine. Actively managing your blood sugar promotes metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurological health. Lysulin provides nutritional support to help you live the life you love with fewer complications.

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Better glucose management = Lower AGEs = Fewer complications