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Nutritional Support for People With Diabetes & Prediabetes

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“Author and Diabetic, Denise A. Pancyrz Discusses the Benefits of Using Lysulin. We are so happy for Denise A. Pancyrz, who recently reduced her A1c from 5.7 to 5.2 in only 30 days! Denise is a diabetes reversal coach and is always interested in natural ways to help reverse type 2 diabetes. At one time she was on medication and insulin dependent. She lowered her A1c naturally, maintaining a 5.6 to 5.7 level for years. She recently tried Lysulin and in 30 days, her A1c was reduced to 5.2!”

-Denise Pancyrz

“I am 64 years old and have Type 1 diabetes. I remember being in the hospital in the 70’s and they came to promote the first home blood glucose test machine. It was the size of an old telephone. I just finished my one month trial of Lysulin and am pleased to report that my starting HbA1c of 10.5% in October dropped to 9.5% in just one month. I plan to keep using Lysulin to see how low I can get my HbA1c. Thank you!”

Mary S.

“I have had Type 2 diabetes since May 2017 and I I have managed it with diet and exercise which in turn helped me lose substantial weight. My HbA1c was 7.4 in October of 2017. I tested my HbA1c with the home HbA1c test kit on 9-16-18 and it was 6.6%. I started taking Lysulin and on 11-12-18 the lab tested my HbA1c and it had dropped to 6.2%. My A1C is lower and really important, my glucose is steady/even … great job, thank you.”

Anita D.

Lysulin may be the first supplement with real benefits for those with pre- and type 2 diabetes

Steven Edelman MD

When I started taking Lysulin on 4/30/18, my A1c was at 6.8%. On 5/30/18, after both low carb eating and three Lysulin daily, my A1c was down to 6%. That’s quite a drop for only 30 days! I’m very happy about it!

Carla M.

“One month ago my A1c was 6.3%, today it was 6.2%. The line on my CGM has been much steadier, many fewer peaks and valleys. Thanks so much.”

Cary T.

“John, I got the new kit. I tested my A1c today. It was 6.5 on 4/14. Today it was 5.4. I do like the chewable tablets. I still just swallow them but it is so much easier.”

Karen M.

“I am feeling great! Better than any time last 2 years! I am recommending your product to anyone I know that has diabetes.”

Mike T.

“I am happy to report that my HbA1c percentage was 5.8% today after one month of taking three doses of Lysulin daily. As you may recall, the starting A1c percentage was 6.2%.”

Gene T.

“I was diagnosed less than three months ago with Type 2 diabetes. I started immediately using Lysulin and Metformin and my HbA1c has dropped from over 12% to 5.8%. I am thrilled.”

Marc R.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your product. After only a month, my HbA1c is down by .4%, I have been able to reduce my nighttime insulin dosage, and I haven’t used mealtime insulin in the last 2 ½ weeks. My daily numbers are better than they’ve ever been. So glad to have had a chance to try your product. Thank you!”

Teresa C.